Polar Bear Habitat and Heritage Village
Come swim with the bears at the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat and Heritage Village. This facility features a unique wading pool attached to the polar bear pool to allow children and adults to “swim with the bears”. The facility is world renowned for it’s ability to lengthen the lives of Polar Bears in captivity, while providing them an environment as close as possible to their natural habitat. Revisit history with a stroll down a re-created 1900’s street at the Heritage Village. Visit the second weekend in August and see the village come alive with costumed “villagers” and working equipment. You can visit their website by clicking on the link above. 
polar bear habitat
The Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Village officially opened on August 25, 2004. It is located on 1 Drury Park Road. This unique facility is the only rehabilitation centre of its kind in the world. Visits to the Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Village start at the Welcome Centre. The Welcome Centre includes a lobby for greeting guests, restrooms, gift shop and an interpretive room. In the interpretive room visitors can view films or participate in activities and speaker presentations.

When visitors leave the Welcome Centre they will follow a path to the Bear Viewing Building. Inside the viewing building visitors will be able to watch the polar bear both above and under water. Come and watch this breath taking animal frolicking in the pool as only polar bears do! A unique wading pool is attached to the polar bear pool (separated by a two inch thick piece of bullet proof glass) to allow both children and adults to “swim with the bear!”.

polar bear and girl swimming

From the viewing building continue down the path to visit the Heritage Village, a re-creation of an early 1900’s street complete with a garage, farm implementation dealership, doctor’s office, blacksmith shop, general store, farm house and of course for the snowmobile enthusiast – a snowmobile museum. The snowmobile museum houses antique snowmobiles from local collectors as well as from other communities. If you are interested in old snowmobiles and memorabilia – this is the place to visit.  In 2006, a Snack Shack, Shoe Repair Shop, Schoolhouse and Barn were added to the Heritage Village.

Be sure to visit the second weekend of August for our annual Pioneer Days.

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polar bear express

Polar Bear Express
The Polar Bear Express  train, which runs from Cochrane to Moosonee, is one of the few great rail excursions left in the world. The train runs during the summer months along the Arctic Watershed, crossing historic highways of the once busy fur trade. You will see the many sights along the rail, such as hydroelectric dams, isolated homes and perhaps even some wildlife.

Upon your arrival in Moosonee, ride the Polar Princess into the mouth of the James Bay, or explore the Cree heritage in Moose Factory.


Dog Sledding - Ravens Adventures   





Always had that dog sledding trip on your bucket list? In Cochrane you can check it off! Take in the beautiful natural sites surrounding Cochrane aboard a dog sled! Ravens Adventures have a variety of trips, whether they be day trips, overnight tours or just a few hours!  The folks at Ravens Adventures are sure to help you pick the perfect tour for your comfort level or your sense of adventure, and ensure your Northern experience is unforgettable! 




snowmobile club logoThe Polar Bear Riders' Snowmobile Club offers Cochrane area residents and tourists a series of well-groomed, safe and adventurous snowmobile trails. The 650 kms trail network features directional signs and extends to Greenwater Provincial Park, Smooth Rock Falls, Timmins, Iroquois Falls, and Québec in addition to ample local trails. As a member of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, O.F.S.C. trail permits are recognized throughout the Province. The trail permits and maps are available at all snowmobile dealers in Cochrane. Special events are held almost every winter weekend - fun for everyone!


Cochrane offers generous hospitality at modest rates, as well as snowmobile dealers and repair garages for all makes. We hope that you enjoy your stay in Cochrane, "The Snowmobilers' Paradise" and take advantage of our abundant “White Gold”.



Lake Commando                                                                                                                commando lake
In the centre of town is a deep, spring-fed lake called Lake Commando.  Along the north shores, a well-designed beach complex offers a refreshing reprieve from the heat of summer with a supervised, sandy beach.  You can also enjoy a 2.2km walk around the lake or take a shorter stroll through Memorial Park, home of the bandstand and walk over
the Lake Commando Bridge.


Gardiner Fergardiner ferry portry-The Cassiopeia IV
The Gardiner Ferry, name the Cassiopeia IV, is the last wrench driven cable ferries in Ontario.  A short drive from Cochrane to the end of Clute road will bring you the Abitibi crossing where you can see The Caasiopeia IV. This ferry was built in 1957 and is operated  at Gardiner, 32 kilometres north of Cochrane, Ontario on Highway 579. The ferry operates approximately 9 months of the year. During winter freeze up, the ferry is replaced by an ice bridge. The length of the ferry is 15.2m, 26.2m with ramps in place and has a width of 7.3m. The carrying capacity is 35 tons.





Long Sault Dam
The Long Sault Rapids facility is a 16,000 kilowatt hydroelectric generating facility located on the Abitibi River, 19 kilometers north of the Town of Cochrane.  The powerhouse is an integrated structure, housing four pit turbine generating units each rated at 4,500 kilowatts of generating capacity.

The electricity produced by the facility will be sold directly to Ontario Hydro for distribution to Ontario Hydro customers by means of a 23.5 kilometers 115 kV transmission line, which crosses both private property and provincially owned land pursuant to easements, right of way and land use permits.